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"Emo" is a very misunderstood word. I am 14 and I get labelled emo all the time, and I think it's very stupid because nowadays you can't wear anything without being categorized into a certain group. Yes, I wear a lot of black, I wear skinny jeans and band tees and arm warmers and all the rest, I have a side fringe, but maybe I just like those clothes? Also I listen to so-called "emo" music, but I also listen to some punk and the odd metal thing as well.

Anyway forget that for the moment, if I was to describe an "emo" I would say there are three different types. Two are stupid and one is good.


Typical emo stereotype. Black hair covering the face, skinny jeans, tight band tee, lots of braclets, arm warmers, you get the picture. Claims to be depressed, but you can tell whether this is real or not, if there is a good solid reason for this person to be depressed (bullying, death, child abuse, etc) then it is real. If they just wail and go "NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!" then they are attention seeking idiots. They will definately cut, and they will show it off. Or, even sadder, they will draw a cut on their arm. Listens to Hawthorn Heights, Fallout Boy, Dashboard Confessional, Good Charlotte, (ie. an example of SHIT emo music).


These can sometimes be confused with the fake emo's. They dress similar, except they may be more colourful. The boys will wear the same skinny jeans but with a tight tee, probably with stars, guns, pokemon or something like that. The girls will wear skinny jeans (or sometimes denim miniskirts) with a Hello Kitty tee, too many braclets, a headband, multicoloured hair, and cheap pumps. These are different from the fake emo kids, because these scene kids are just following the fashion of the emo because it's the "scene" at the moment. So when the scene changes, these kids will all follow the new trends.

Neither of the above types are emos. They are silly wannabe kids who will all change their dress sense when they get older or when emo goes out of the current trend. A "real" emo is what I'm about to describe.


Dresses like in emo clothes, but doesn't dress only in clothes from Hot Topic (that is strictly posers only) but on the other hand, doesn't completely disregard it. Doesn't dress like this to "rebel" or to scare parents, dresses like this because they LIKE it. Simple. They are usually very happy, fun people to be around, but some may have depression. If they do it is for a solid reason, and not many real emos cut. If they do, they don't show them off. They don't believe in labels, while the fake emos will happily boast about their "emoness". They don't live online (that is the scene kids) and they don't use Xs all the time (though the odd X is ok). They aren't all bi. They listen to whatever music they want. This could be metal, punk, maybe even the odd pop song in there. And of course, emo. Thursday, Underoath, Avenged Sevenfold, From First To Last, The Used- these are all examples of GOOD emo music. These emos will still be emos when the trend dies and may still be emos when they are adults.

So you see there are the cool types of emos and the stupid ones, although I really believe that labels should be banned because they are very confusing as I have just proven ^ ^.
A fake emo

"I nearly got a new pair of skinny jeans today but my mum wouldn't buy them for me because she didn't have any money OMG I'm being abused I'm so depressed, I'm now going to listen to Dashboard Confessional and slit my wrists and then think of new ways to show off my cuts."

A scene kid


A true emo

"Hey guys how are you all? Guess what! I got 6 tickets for us all to go to a My Chemical Romance concert today! I'm so happyyyyy...lets listen to their albums to celebrate!"
*emos then proceed to have lots of fun*
by Rebecca Birchall February 12, 2008

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