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Its a generic term to describe an older person, who at best, has lost control of one or more bodily functions.
That Bingo hall was full of old bedshitters.

Florida.. the Bedshitter state.
by Reaver January 16, 2003
Obviously an adjective describing the mysteries of a gelatinous monster's eating habits. This word, intoduced by the great promulgator, Strong Bad, is used in one of two ways:

1. Instinctively chewed, mangled, or eaten by a greater force, usually gelatinous in nature and profound in agression.
2. The state of being devoured, eaten, digested, or over-powered relating to one being absorbed by the other.
My arm was fangoriously being eaten by what I assume was the man's pet.
by Reaver February 20, 2004
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