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A term used in online games during pvp. It occures when a person or a group of people uses a safe zone such as a town or arena to avoid being killed. They do this by engaging there enemy, followed by quickly running into a safe zone to avoid taking damage from the enemy. This is concidered a cheap tactic and usually occurs around gates leading into town.
Hey guys, look like Dynasty is playing gate games again
by ReaperMage September 13, 2005
Is a term used in assosiation with MMORPG. This is a person who play the game with the primary pourpose of making real life profit. They do this by farming money and items in game and then turn around and sell them on the internet for real life cash. To aid in there farming farmers usually use third party programs and camp out specific location in the game for a long period of time.
It's getting harder to find a good place to level with all the dam farmers everywhere.
by ReaperMage September 13, 2005

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