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A usually white and slightly poor male who wears flat-brimmed hats or beanies, has tattoos and an ego larger then the federal deficit. They tend to drive around looking to race any car with after-market anything. They usually have cars with mismatched paint blotches all over, and pieces of plastic body kits that are unpainted, cracked and hanging down, stuck on with double sided tape. They think they are very tough sitting gangsta-lean and talking on their 1990's cell phones. They take great pride in their obnoxious mufflers and spray painted wheels and also love to brag about how they can outrun "such n such" cars. They take offense to any automobile that has any performance part on it that doesn't look like the owner bought it from Walmart and race them by way of driving by really fast even though said car is completely unaware that they are racing. They talk big but know, deep down, that if the unaware car had been racing, the fuel economy inspired vtec civic would have been totally outrun as if they had been standing still, achieving only a loud noise from the coffee can sized muffler they are so proud of. They will read this and thumbs-down the description because it is condescending and yet fits them to a tee.
Civic Driver: "Yo man I outrunned that Mistu Evo!"
Friend: "Fo realz man?"
Civic Driver: "Hellz yea! Ya think my muffler's big enough or should I try to get one dat's bigger and hopefully louder?"

Evo driver: "Dude I think that Civic just made a video of him driving by me!"
Friend: "Yeah they're prolly gonna put it on Youtube as "Civic Beats Evo."
Evo Driver: "Too bad I wasn't even racing."
#civic #driver #ego #gangsta #race #honda
by Realcardriver2010 May 24, 2010
The illogical and irrational idea that one's "feelings" on being male or female should overrule scientific fact and actual physical differences.
Yo dude I'm going to tell the bouncers that my gender preference is female so I can skip the line and get out of a cover.

Let me finish shaking my beard first though.
by Realcardriver2010 January 22, 2016
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