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When a male is tied and blind folded on a bed, while his angry spouse or significant other, heats up the curling iron. Than she proceeds to put it in his ass and leave it plugged in.
1. Gloria caught Omar cheating on her, so she seduced him, tied him face down while convincing he'd would like what was going to happen. She than blind folded him and than just like that... POW!!! the old booty burner
2. Damn she ran the booty burner through him.
by Real_Life_Ish November 16, 2006
When someone puts an ice cube in their mouth and blows cold air through your ass crack
1. Katrina gave Ryan a windy valley and Ryan liked it.
2. Ryan Takes windy valley's for fun, he loves when the water drips on his anus.
by Real_Life_Ish November 16, 2006
When more than one member of a family (Brothers for example)
Ejaculate In the same woman or place at the same time.
This would happen while running a "Train" Or any other group sex acts that involve more than one male
1. "Those two guys gave Robin's face and tit's a family paintbucket.
It was quite a thing to see."

2.They let off a family paintbucket In That Cup and made that girl drink it
by Real_Life_Ish November 16, 2006
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