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The tight-knit group of white people that enjoy their home and car to be one. These are a rare breed in the American Society today. Most commonly known as the breeding ground for incest and alcohol addictions has. now been known to be home to the abundance of strippers and crack-heads of the rural scene. The people that live in Trailer Parks are wild people with enough problems and mysteries that you could write a book on them. The Trailer Park is a dying American tradition.
That Trailer Park was so cool that we should visit again some time.
by Real4lyfe21221 December 15, 2010
To text excessively or to offer pictures with minimal clothing, often ending in no reply or an awkward moment of confusion.
Yesterday I was doing my homework, when he started to cluster me, I have a boyfriend, so I didn't reply.
by Real4lyfe21221 December 15, 2010
A common drug of choice in the stray area of the typical trailer park. Also known as Meth, Hill-Billy Heroin is very addictive and can lead to your typical crack-head look. Keep a look out for this drug in your neck of the trailer park.
A: "What did you do yesterday"
B: "Had sex with my third cousin and did some Hill-Billy Heroin. You?"
by Real4lyfe21221 December 15, 2010

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