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Myspace is a hard word to define on so many level's,many claim the addiction to myspace is the natural urge for human attention and that is is the perfect outlet for people who crave attention.Sigmund Freud,if here were alive today would definately include a case study on the nature of this website.Freud then would proceed to set up an account for his case study and himself would fall prey to the addiction,eventually adding people like Albert Einstein,Marie Curie to his top 8 list,he soon would abandon his work and focus on the social aspects of myspace for himself personally,he would eventually post blogs,post one picture of himself just for vanity sake and proceed to check his laptop every hour or so to see if any girls did "brainy guys",after severe disapointment Freud decides that the only alternative is to abandon his elitist ways and become trendy in the Myspace ways,He add garage bands to his friends list,posts picture comments to Marie Curie in provocative outfits and even manages to score a fat chick from myspace.Freud then realizes soon after,that he could have done the same thing in real life,exept listening to a garage band,he could go listen to a big name band at a real concert,and instead of the fat chick from myspace who leaves him 50 comments a day,he could have easily just walked up to a hot chick in real life and ask for her number and feel more satisfied than anything he could have done through myspace.

The Morale of this boring story is,Anyone intellegent can fall for the charm of myspace,but always remember people on computer's have mental problems of some sorts,people who are confident in real life dont have to get on myspace to find friends,so if those people who you were jelous of in high school talk to you,remember their is a looser inside of them that finally got out,they just hid it better than your stupid ass
"Myspace was fun to try,but i think real life is more satisfying"
by ReaXan June 26, 2006
Former Producer of the Howard Stern Show,eventually got booted because all the female guests wanted him instead of Howard.Was constantly accused of being gay by the show because he could fart on a girls face and they would still fuck him.
"K.C Armstrong is prime example that if you are handsome and lift weights you will get hot chicks and never have to work a hard days work in your life"
by ReaXan June 26, 2006

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