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2 definitions by RePubLicKin

(1)Someone who knows they can't win a race even if only 2 people are in it but stays in the race so the other person can be a winner and have some compatition. Not to be confused with a Romknee who could win but basically takes a dive early in the hopes of being rewarded for getting out of the way without much of a fight.

(2)A fake place holder used to gain some recognition or advantage. Can be used as a verb too.

(3)Not a pace setter but a pace follower. Someone who acts like a dog and heels. Could be used like boy was in the days of slavery. Or just a friendly use like bro or brother is too.
(1)John asks who will run against me for president so it will look like I have some compatition but be weaker and not win? Mike says "I'll be your Huckabee".
This is kind of like the expresion "I'll be your Huckleberry"

(2)John travels to work alone but uses the commuter lane by placing a dummy in the seat next to him. The dummy is a Huckabee. John Huckabeed his way into work today. John will Huckabee his way into the office to save time and money.

Microsoft will keep from being a monopoly as long as they can Huckabee the government into thinking that Apple computer is still compatition.

(3)John make sure that Huckabee knows his place. Yo Wut up myk Huckabee?
by RePubLicKin February 10, 2008
(1)Someone who drops out of a compatition early even if it looks like they could of won. Probably in the hope of receiving some kind of compensation from the competition.

(2)to take a dive.
(1)Mitt Romkneed so he could unite the party.

(2)John says to Mitt if you Romknee now I could find a position for you in the administration later. Then I will just Huckabee my way into the Republican nomination.
by RePubLicKin February 10, 2008