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4 definitions by ReFlex

A general name given to anyone not yet unplugged from the matrix.
"Nothing but blue pills" - When looking for Neo all he finds are people plugged in, not Neo who has been unplugged.
by ReFlex July 03, 2006
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Used in "Goodness Gracious Me" by the two indian youths as a word for porn.
"Yeah man we'll log onto da internet init, den we'll get some Ras Maali!"
by ReFlex July 03, 2006
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Being the best person out of a group of people. Considered to be the manliest and have the biggest penis. Swarmed by girls and is not afraid to show his dominance over his lower beings
John is the Papa Ruffles in his friend group.
by ReFleX April 14, 2014
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Can not make his mind up. Completely confused and has a tendency to have a sexual attraction to random objects. Alive or inanimate.
I think John has turned into a bit of a Flip Flopped Oreo.
by ReFleX April 14, 2014
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