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the act of an erect penis gouging the eye out of a woman by constant pelvic thrust until the man is ready to cum. Then the male is to cum into the un-gouged eye of the woman causing her to have pink eye in one eye and to be blind in the other.Originated in Scandinavia
Did you hear that bitch, Tracey went blind due to Scandinavian eye gouging?
by RAZZOR January 03, 2015
Created by Rushad Heerjee, this term is used to describe someone bullshitting something to an extreme hence irritating someone!
"Rohith, that was such buck salah!"
by Razzor December 09, 2011
Anyone with this as their last name is amazing! He will be sure to caress you forever!
R. Heerjee was a great lover! Never let him go!
by Razzor February 12, 2011

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