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I'm from the saladbowl of the world which is Salinas, C.A.
The salad bowl is in Monterey county
by RayRay October 02, 2003
Bitches and Hoes
Originated Woodbury, MN By P.M. flex
Call up those b's n h's
by rayray April 01, 2005
A dancehall queen gone wrong. Someone who planned to look sexy, but ended up looking a bit of a ragga loving scrubber. Manages to make even decent clothing look as if it came from a dodgy market stall. Can be applied to people, clothing or places.
Ms P: Do you like my top?
Ray: No way. You look sprugga. Take it off.
by RayRay August 30, 2003
to smoke weed or any drug
Let me take a hit of that.
by rayray March 20, 2005
A member of the reptile family who shows homosexual tendencies.
That chameleon looks pretty sarkoraz with that mauve base.
by rayray March 19, 2004
1.One who is of non average wheight and gives good head. After doing so, pays the male partner money, usally 5 to 20 dollars.
2.One who is only used for money.
1.Man, I just got 10 bucks from that Margo.
2.I need money for tonight's party, Let's call Margo.
by Rayray January 29, 2005

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