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A person whose level of flakiness (i.e. unreliability, undependability, fickleness, etc.) is so extreme that it borders on magnitude of mental retardation.
First he says he'll call me right back, which he doesn't. Then he begs me to go out last Saturday only to bail out when I call him when he's late. What a flaketard!
by Raymond Dang May 08, 2006
Extremely grotesque hairlessness of the adult male body caused by excessive and overzealous body shaving to the degree of eliminating any semblance of manhood.
Those go-go dancers shave so much they're dolphin smooth.
by Raymond Dang May 08, 2006
Having allegiance to or indecisiveness between the East and West coasts of the United States, particularly New York and Los Angeles.
He's so bicoastal he doesn't know whether to root for the Yankees or the Dodgers.
by Raymond Dang May 08, 2006
English spoken with British pronunciation standards often marked by dropping many consonants.
A: How do I get from Southwark to Waterloo Station?
B: You mean how do you geh fruh Suh-ark to Wah-a-loo Station?
A: Ah, yes. Sorry, my brit speak is bad.
by Raymond Dang May 08, 2006
Utilizing public transit as a means of transportation.
Why don't you metro over to Downtown for lunch rather than drive?
by Raymond Dang May 08, 2006
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