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Phrase commonly used by internet trolls when the slightest bit of anger or rage is detected (Much like sharks catching the smell of blood). Is known to drive even the sanest person to boiling rage.
Troll: Why do they call it an Xbox 360? Because when you see it you do a 360 degree turn and walk away
Noob: 360 means you face back at it, noob.
Troll: no it dont lul
Noob: wtf yes it does go back to 3rd grade
Troll: umadbro?
by Rayge April 14, 2010
The specified time in the future when we will all have flying cars and personal robot servants
Darling, do you think they'll ever make flying cars?
I'm sure in about thirty years, we'll have them

Dude...you ever think cars will fly and stuff?
In thirty years man...i'm seein other stuff flying though. Whoaaaa

Man, you ever think we're gonna have like...robot servants?

Probably in like...30 years, it'll be wicked.

Yo dawg you think we gon make robot slaves?

Shit yeah dawg in like thirty years or some shit.
by Rayge April 24, 2010

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