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A vaginal fart, a.k.a. Queef
After we had sex, she laid the biggest vart I've ever heard!
by Rawbg October 25, 2002
1) Small pocket of flesh or fat on a person's body. 2) Sound made while gently pinching someone's gubba, ie gubba-gubba.
I just couldn't resist the gubba under that baby's chin. I just had to pinch it!
by Rawbg October 25, 2002
That point in the evening when your alchohol consumption has reached the level where you are ambitiously telling a story, but can't seem to get the words exactly right. This is a happy state of drunkeness, not to be confused with the ugly states of shitfaced or blackout.
I was so intoximicated I told him about this great "trap I took to the Crammed Cannedyon.
by Rawbg October 23, 2002
The state of being dramtically exhausted.
(With back of hand placed to the forehead, head tilted slightly back) I am in such a state of exhaustia, I can barely conceive of continuing my life...
by Rawbg October 23, 2002

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