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Arg is a arab water pipe in which tobacco or sisha is smoked out of. It is short for the word Argili, which is translated into hookah. There are many different variations of the arg , all being oh so good.
Yo Bro wanna pregame and arg?
Yeah sure what flavor
IDC arg is thr shit, it gets us mad pussy
by Rawad September 15, 2007
A country that is located next to syria. It is under going several wars and political issues, which it brought upon itself.
The Lebenese people in general are hypocrites, they complain and yell at Syria and their government to get out of their country, but when Syria decides to leave they are so dependent on them.
I can recall first hand thousands of lebenese civilians flocking to Syria in the summer of 2006 during the Isreal/Hezbollah war for protection.
Yet these people complain syrians do lebanon harm.
Lebanon and their people are a waste of time, although their country is very beatiful and there girls are hot, do not judge a book by it's cover there girls are whores and lebanon is very corrupt and dependent on Syria.

Yeah Ali those Syrians are so dumb, I hate them.
Please Syrian citizens let us rent out your apartments lebanon is sorry !!!
by Rawad May 30, 2007

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