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The word that describes having little or no money at all.
Guy 1: I busted all my money on that new iPhone, and now I'm left impecunious.
Guy 2: Haha
by Ravencopter February 13, 2010
A mix between 'Different' and 'Good'. Usually used when you likesomething you wouldn't normally like.
Portuguese mushrooms are diggerent.

That TV show is very diggerent
by Ravencopter February 21, 2010
An epic adventure which usually involves one or a group of prostitutes. Usually, there is not much plot in books or stories told out loud.
Dave: Hey, er, what kind of books do you like reading?
Brian: Oh, well at the moment I'm reading a prossigy. It makes no sense.
by Ravencopter February 14, 2010
The tendancy to be late. Usually, men inherit this illness when about to go shopping, or to buy a gift for their loved one. Sometimes happens in women if they are about to shop for a man.

Synonym: Intockalaterous

This synonym is used for a woman if she wants to shop for herself.
Example 1)
Girl 1: Oh my god!
Girl 2: What is it?
Girl 1: My boyfriend has been tockalaterous with my gift for Valentine's day again.

Example 2)
Guy 1: My girlfriend is a legend. She is so intockalaterous.
Guy 2: Lucky.
by Ravencopter February 14, 2010

To travel downwards in a left or right manner. Anything between South West to South East, discluding direct South.

Verb - Diascending

Synonym - Nordscend

Synonym verb - Nordscending
Example 1)
Guy 1: My grandmother and I are diascending to New Orleans tomorrow morning.
Guy 2: Oh really? I'm nordscending to New York for the weekend, but that's next week.

Example 2)
Guy 1: I heard that the Swedes are attacking from the nordscend.
Guy 2: That's terrible news! The French will be attacking from the diascend in the evening
by Ravencopter February 13, 2010
A virtual kiss. The V comes from the first letter of 'virtual' and the rest is the end of the word 'kissed'. Usually is used in a physical stance.
Dave: I just vissed my girlfriend. It didn't go down well.
Brian: Pff, who would want to viss you?
by Ravencopter February 13, 2010
A place you get criticised a lot. School, for example, is a place you would commonly get criticised a lot.
People: You have weird hair.. why do you do that.. what is that thing when you shake your..
Dave: What a bantery.
by Ravencopter February 13, 2010

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