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5 definitions by Raul Concepcion

Area code of St. Paul, MN and its surrounding areas.
"We reppin that 651!!" or the famous "651 > 612"
by Raul Concepcion May 22, 2008
91 14
What gangsters call St. Paul, Minnesota 9and its immediate surrounding areas)
Also where you will end up if you get caught breaking the law. While other jails may be fun and games, Ramsey County is no joke!
"I spent the weekend up in Ramsey County, the same city where my jams be pounding, first day out 28 grams and counting, thats why niggas say this mans astounding"
by Raul Concepcion May 22, 2008
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St. Paul, Minnesota's capitol city located in Ramsey County
Home of Eastside, Northend, Frogtown, Midway, Highland Park, ect
We rep that S.T.P. not 612
by Raul Concepcion May 22, 2008
13 11
The recessed area above your upper lip directly under the center of your nose.
Dude, your nose is leaking, wipe your snot trop.
by Raul Concepcion May 07, 2010
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Male Homosexual. Refers to seaman looking like clam chowder
The annual gay pride parade was full of chowder chuggers.
by Raul Concepcion May 22, 2008
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