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Verb. A mid- air maneuver. To strike a person or an object with your erect penis whilst spinning in mid-air. Note: you must rotate a full 360% for it to be a full Spinning Cock-slap, otherwise it doesn't count. Think a Roundhouse kick, only with your penis. If you get hit with a
Spinning Cock-slap", you lose 20 "cool" points.
Not to be confused with the "Jumping Cock-Smash"
Mike used the "Spinning cock-slap" to knock the drink out of Tina's hand and spilled it all over her new blouse.

After Mike had sex with you Mother, he performed the "Spinning Cock-slap", and forcefully thumped her nose with his penis, she was most displeased.
by Rauchy Rauch March 31, 2008
Something Mike would never do. Anyone named mike can use this as an excuses not to do something.
Random person : Hey Mike, want to come over and play some DDR ?

Mike : No, thats Highly Un-Mike-ly, and that just sounds flat out lame.
by Rauchy Rauch March 28, 2008
PTFO is the acronym for Passed The Fuck Out.
The ultimate level of passing out,
Random guy : After his 15th shot, Timmy looked at little drunk. Later we found him with his pants around his ankles while clutching a box of count Chocula and he was PTFO, bigtime.
by Rauchy Rauch March 28, 2008

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