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A conservative Christian who tries to impose their fundamentalist and often oppressive views on others.
"I hate fags," says Pat Robertson, a Bush supporter and notorious Talibaptist.
by Ras The Destroyer August 10, 2004
1) Urban metropolis reknown for its diversity with suburbs such as Mentor, Kirtland Hills, and Cleveland.

2) Childhood home of Doug Nagy, the Godfather of Gangsta Rap
The streets of Mentor Heights are packed with hip-hip pilgrims visiting the childhood home of Doug Nagy.
by Ras The Destroyer November 18, 2003
1) Suburb of Mentor Heights reknown for rich white folks

2) Home of the World's Most Oppressive Police reknown for overzealous ticketing and recent crackdowns on backwoods stills.
The Kirtland Hills police will take your money, your honey, and your 'shine.
by Ras The Destroyer November 06, 2003
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