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1) Suburb of Mentor Heights reknown for rich white folks

2) Home of the World's Most Oppressive Police reknown for overzealous ticketing and recent crackdowns on backwoods stills.
The Kirtland Hills police will take your money, your honey, and your 'shine.
by Ras The Destroyer November 06, 2003
A bunch of "Wanna-Be Cops" who were too pussy to sign up for Cleveland's sixth district police department. So they became uniformed revenue collectors with guns and tazers. They especially love to pull over teenagers, call their parents, and falsely claim that they have beer in the car so that they can search their vehicles in hopes of finding something to charge them with. They never harass their own affluent residents. Rather, they work the Mentor/Concord residents traveling on Route 84. In fact they even sit in Mentor City property (O'Connors Gas Station) lurking in the shadows for their next victim!
Kirtland Hills Cops have pulled over everyone in our family with lame excuses numerous times in Mentor.
by Pissed off in Mentor December 29, 2007
1. Team of police who have nothing else to do but pull u over for no reason bec their is no crime in Kirtland their most famous excuse is "your back light is out"

2. Group of assholes who search your car for the hell of it
The Kirtland Hills police will take your freedom, your drugs, and your life
by Bigpete63999 September 16, 2007

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