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2 definitions by Raptor45

When you are having sex and you feel like trying something extreme... fuck your woman a few times, and when you get a boner, get out of position and take a few steps back.

Aim your dick towards her, and jump at her, and try to get your dick in her pussy!

Thus your dick flying... is the flying sausage.
"Want to do the flying sausage?" says the man

"WOOHOO!" says the lady.
by Raptor45 May 11, 2006
A word that rings off the top of your lip, and is usually
said when you have nothing better to say or are stuck in a situation and need the topic to change.
The girl confronted the boy about what happened last night...

"Why didn't you come with me" said the girl

It goes quiet..

"BOPE!" says the boy as he runs away
by Raptor45 May 11, 2006