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8 definitions by Randomxhumor

One of the many scents offered by a womans queef.
A:You smell that?
B:Yeah smells like cod
A:No im pretty sure its a tuna queef.
by Randomxhumor April 11, 2011
Often used as a Greeting or a Filler word when you cant think of anything to say.
Person A:So whats going on?
Person B:Pewchulu.
by Randomxhumor December 06, 2010
When someone tickles you until you pee.
A:Stop please haha im about to pee
B:AHAHAHA but its so much fun
A:hehe ahaha *pees*awe i just tickle pissed

by Randomxhumor April 11, 2011
To place the skin of ones testies between two fingers an do a light rolling manner like when rolling a piece of paper into a ball;used as a alternative to itching.
Often Used after a light tickling.
Gotta scringle" or"Scringling
by Randomxhumor November 25, 2010
A light squealing fart with different frequencies created an amazing melody of flatulence depletion.
*man farts*
Guy:that was cute
Guy 2:what?
Guy:that flute toot.
Guy 2:o thanks can you taste it?
Guy:yeah it was beautiful.
by Randomxhumor April 11, 2011
A badass pterodactyl.
Damn that Bapterodactyl just owned that Pedophilia Rapeasaurus Rex!!
by Randomxhumor April 11, 2011
Someone who uses a fake girls profile to cyber sex online.
Damn i should of known Kim was really a pedophilia rapeasaurus
by Randomxhumor April 11, 2011