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4 definitions by Randomguy78

a special liquid that is extremely dangerous because it is composed of extremely condensed atoms which make its core 487 degrees Fahrenheit and as soon as the liquid comes in contact with your skin it liquifies it.
dude my friend died from falling in a pit of atomic fluid!
by Randomguy78 March 27, 2013
4 0
The chosen one is the only person that can save the planet from evil destruction using his combined forces of godliness
Hey you saved the world yesterday you are the chosen one!
by Randomguy78 March 27, 2013
6 2
He is marios second hand man who always helps Mario in everything but dosen't get any credit, Mario gets coins and a kiss or cake when luigi dosen't get anything when he helped Mario in the first place.
I always use luigi in mario kart
by Randomguy78 March 27, 2013
5 2
It's like saying WTF but in a much awesomer way, you say it when you are completly confused to what a specific person or object is doing.
Guy1: *sees a cat doing a handstand
by Randomguy78 March 28, 2013
20 23