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Many different people think of americans as fat, stupid, and oblivious to the real outside world. but arent we all people, but just living in a different place? i can safely say that not all americans are like that. alot of us care about other people and the enviroment. i really dont like the president, but can we help that the biggest state here is texas?
americans come in different colors shapes, sizes, and mindsets.
so please, before you judge us...
1) not all of us our egotistical jerks

2)were not all fat...many of the people I know are painfully thin.

3)I think that the reason people see americans as fat, stupid, rich, and totally impolite is becuase they met my brother.
by RandomPanda July 11, 2008
A term for someone who joins you for an activity where you neither of you really interact. Named after the cats old ladies get to keep them company.
"I don't feel like going out tonight, I was just going to mess about on my computer. But you can come over with your laptop and be my company cat"
by randompanda January 24, 2013
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