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1. An online gaming community for Xbox and Xbox360 users to play games together from around the world for a small fee.

2. An online gaming community where racist, homophobic, arrogant gamers usually hang around. They will attempt to insult random players in the game chatrooms before matches begin and fail to do so by the following: making pitiful mum jokes and overusing the word "faggot". The majority of this type of gamers have yet to reach puberty and play mature rated games, thinking they are hardcore. Some of them even attempt threats into hacking gamers' accounts and believe any player who do not perform as well as they do on any particular game have no right to play it.
*A random day on Xbox Live and in a random game of Halo 3 and a player is having an off day, dying more and killing less than he usually does*


Normal Player: Look, I'm having a bad day. Can you please stop?

Arrogant Player: Shut up, N*****! Yo' ruining my good time with yo' mom!

Normal Player: A joke about my mother. How original, mate.

Arrogant Player: F*** you, faggot.

Normal Player: Y'know what? Come back and talk to me when you have finally managed to grow a brain and fill that empty sack, made of skin, with a pair. *mutes arrogant player and sends file complaint*
by RandomAI April 04, 2010

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