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A friend who would have sex with your gf/bf or spouse. A friend who would would get your date your ex knowing that you still love them
That kid is a vulture, im gonna punch him right in the face
by random person March 14, 2005
a group of imbosiles trying to act hardcore
OY! i will kick your arse m8..because we are the blues56.
by random person May 08, 2004
used in such phrases as "tack eiliv" and "far åt eiliv"...
random_person says to random_person1, my cat just died, and the other answers, "tack eiliv", simple as that...
by random person February 07, 2005
One who uses power he got by kissing ass for attention.
Man, that guy's such a Griven.
by random person January 19, 2004
A person who likes to play games on the Nintendo Gamecube.
Putting cubes up someone's cunt is NOT what 'cubing' means!
by Random person November 17, 2004
A KoSed user from GameFAQs
shoooter was KOSed from doing a lot of bad shit on the site www.gamefaqs.com
by random person August 08, 2004
The word when refering to "Amanda" or "Lexis". Pinecone meaning, "Fuck you" or, "Your a bitch"
Amanda your such a damn pinecone
Lexis you fucking pinecone
by Random Person November 28, 2004
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