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A mark,stain,or scuff left behind on a object after a vagina comes in contact with it,
(1) I left the bar with that hood rat sister of yours and that bitch left a cunt scuff across my chest agian.

(2) Hey mother fucker! Is that a cunt scuff on your sheet?

(3) I a have seen some shit in my day, but that cunt scuff on your chin is fucking nasty.
by Random C April 03, 2009
cum burn occurs when sperm is left on the skin long enough to dry, causing the person to rub long and hard enough to irratate the skin turning it a red sun burnt color
(1) I seen a chick who had massive cum burn on her face today.

(2) Put your shirt on dude, you got cum burn on your back.
by Random C October 19, 2009
A snaggle boot is another word for a loose or trashed vagina
Fuck dude,your sister's snaggle boot has seen better days. It's fucking done.
by Random C April 03, 2009
The act of adjusting the flight path of a load of sperm do to wind so as to hit the intended target.
(Example 1) Fuck dude, I had to use Cumtucky windage because of the fan or it would have been a bad day for the sheets.
Cumtucky windage saved the day.

(Example 2) Boy 1 I fucked up, The wind came out of no where and it landed on the hood. No Cumtucky windage.

Boy 2 You should have used Cumtucky windage on that bitch.
by Random C April 04, 2009
The act of pulling your penis out of ones anus and jabbing the upper lip of another, leaving a shit stain that looks like charlie chaplin's stash. Almost a dirty sanchez but not quite.
I seen your wife at work today, That shit bag copy machine repair man had left her with a fast chaplin again.
by Random C April 03, 2009
The act of laying on your back at the same time propping your ass up against a solid object such as a wall, tree or door so you can masterbate and shoot your own jizz on your face and mouth.
(1) Wow! I walked in to a dressing room at the mall and this dude had his ass propped up pulling off the Missouri snow cone.

(2) Guy (1) Have you ever been to St. Louis?

Guy (2) Fuck you, are you gay? Have you ever heard of th Missouri snow cone? Thats all they do down there.
by Random C October 19, 2009

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