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1. An cynical and unfortunately real being, often found lurking in online habitats and pubs.

2. A state of mind beyond cross, livid, or just plain narked.
1. The Croz lurked in the corner, peering over the rim of his pint of Old Speckled Hen.

2. The girl was so croz, she performed the act of Boonga Boonga on the sales assistant.
by Random January 26, 2004
the word thomasdragon possibly originated in an old hallow well. thomasdragon means all that is cool and lovely and friendly and open and gentle and dear. potentially skilled at flying and nesting, also potentially iridescent. a thomasdragon is full of juicey wisdom, musical and otherwise. if you can find one, know that you are very, very fortunate.
i do wish thomasdragon were here so there could be chill walkage.
by random September 02, 2004
this is the "gangster" name for Topsfield. A total joke only because kids in Topsfield attempt to be ghetto, and uh yea it doesn't work out so well. If you ever visit Topsfied, be prepared for the ghetto-ness...it's one tough town.
Hey dog..wanna come to my house? i live in t-field.
by random June 18, 2006
Where Randolph Macon Woman's College students run naked when drunk.
Hey guys...it's December...but i'm completely wasted. Let's go streak in the dell!
by random October 14, 2004
city in central california. frankly, it is mierably boring. its a giant field with buildings. yuck.
bakersfield is boring.
by Random May 21, 2004
A person who is gender-confused is a he/she/IT who visits multiple chat websites EVEN GIRLS CHAT SITES..EVEN THOUGH IT THINKS ITS A BOY and has no life or girlfriend. steals other peoples boyfriends..like ghosties and voldermorts. it's favourite subject is the Gaya Theory.
I think I am the owner of truth. My name must be Shazback.
by random January 19, 2005
See h2g2
I am off to write an entry for hootoo.
by Random July 27, 2003

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