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Alcoholic beverage, served in pint (or half pint glasses for wooses and southern pansies) and at varying temperatures from icy cold to above room temperature depending on the type, quality and locale.
Areet mate, I'm off to the booza fer some ale.
by Random July 27, 2003
Myspace (or MySpace) is a free service that uses the internet for online communication through an interactive network of photos, weblogs, user profiles, e-mail, web forums, groups, as well as many other communication devices. This all-inclusive service is sometimes called a social networking interface. It is an active site always updating or creating new features for their members. Myspace is also sometimes used to describe a user created webpage on the Myspace.com service.

Members are usually titled as Myspacers.
* There are 20 forums with many different subforums.
* There are around 300,000 topics in the main site forums.
* A total of 3 million forum posts as of this typing.
* There are around 200,000 groups.
* There are around 60 million group forum posts.
* There are 5 new posts every second.
* There are over 10 million profiles inside Myspace. (as of March 11, 2005)
by random March 14, 2005
city in central california. frankly, it is mierably boring. its a giant field with buildings. yuck.
bakersfield is boring.
by Random May 21, 2004
City in Orange County, California. Bordered by La Habra, Placentia, Yorba Linda, and Fullerton. Has a pretty big mall that everyone goes to that has all the good stores (Nordstrom, J Crew, Lucky, Coach, Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, etc) Prime example of Orange County upper middle class suburbia.
Everyone from everywhere goes to the Brea Mall.
by Random May 14, 2005
A 21'st Century Americans State of Mind!
Hmmm those people are protesting against George Dubya, quick blow them up they might be making weapons of mass distructing from a polystyrene cup some aluminium foil and a AA battery!!!

You must excuse my friend he's just a little paranoid.
by Random November 26, 2003
1. Researcher from the community website, h2g2

2. Prophet and guardian of the shrine to the deity Nighthoover
"2legs, inconsolable at the news that Nighthoover has yet again failed to manifest at the meet, seeks solace in alcohol." -- BluesShark, March 2003
by Random July 27, 2003
A word meaning petty or small......and was discovered by a Mr. Pinson
C-dav leaves niggardliness tips when he retreats to the North Myrtle Beach Friendlies which consisist's of pennies, lint, and old movie stubs.
by random September 27, 2004

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