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Personal Whore On The Corner
Look at that PWOTC
by Randi March 29, 2004
look at this
Seesis? It's actually green!
by Randi March 27, 2004
Someone who is corrupted, tainted, spoiled.
Everyone is this chat is TCed!!
by Randi March 27, 2005
a sandwich with turkey ONLY and it came to be by kiki and we made fun of her 4 it and now she has that sandwich named after her!!!
im so hungry i could ate a chuckie samdwich!!!!
by randi January 14, 2005
What a womans tits become when she gets pregnant.
Damn my tits hurt.Thats because they just became restaurants.
by randi November 28, 2003
A pair of slacks colored white.
Jeez, Josiah's wearing his white-pants again!
by Randi March 28, 2004
while doing a girl up the butt, if you spit on her back and she turns around the term is called a peter parker. but if she does not turn around, it is refered to as a spiderman
jon reiser was doing margalit up the butt when she spit on her. he yelled spiderman
by randi August 18, 2004

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