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A term that is used to describe people of the opposite sex who you meet and engage in sexual activity with. The Randar Hunter finds and destroys his target in order to put one more notch on his belt. The moment when someone stops becoming a randar is when you meet them again.
"The sky was black as night...Although I could see through the darkness the Randar Hunter in sight...he was Brave."

"Hey kid how many randars?"
"Whole lot of randars!"

"Randar my Husssssssssssssssssssssss!"
by Randar My Huss November 03, 2006
A term with many definitions. One way to use hussman is to use it as an insult to your friends who are acting "Diane" or "Huss-like". Hussman has no gender, like the true name it comes from, so feel free to address a male or female as a Hussman. Hussman can also refer to your genitals, your head, thirst, hunger, a sexual partner or pure excitement. Hussman is a perfect toast word before a pull of Crow.

Commonly abbreviated as Huss

For more quality and effect place a deep accent on the "uss" part ie. H "ugh" "uhssssssssssssssss" man
"Hey I can't go out tonight but do me a favor and get some Hussssman for yourself."

"Henry whats wrong?"
"Sorry Dunph! I hurt my Hussman! No!"

"Does anyone want a M.I.P?"
"Give that to me you Diane, you Husssssman! Those are delicious!"
by Randar My Huss November 03, 2006
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