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A huss is classier version of a slut. Although acts they undertake may be viewed upon as somewhat 'slutty', there is a distinct difference in their overall demeanor.

A huss shares the same relationship to a slut or skank, as a burlesque dancer shares with a stripper.

Huss' also do not tend to be looked down upon by other girls or boys, as they still maintain levels of respect.
Girl 1#: "Hey, hows it going? what are you up to tonight?"

Girl 2#: "Going out with some of the girls, we're going to get our huss on. You should totally come!"
by huss club November 24, 2009
Verb - To Huss.

The act of engaging in love affairs at an alarming and confusing rate. Example: A woman who frequently attempts to procure multiple male 'friends'.
Anne spent her whole weekend hussing at the local tavern, she now has several male acquaintances. Her friend Matilda does not approve.
by Television-Exec June 14, 2011
A 'Huss' is a hussler.
That dude is a class huss.
by JazzyJessy August 07, 2011
To legally hustle. Hustle is commonly confused with huss, where hustle means to obtain an item illegaly (being stolen, etc) and selling it. When hussing, you're selling an item you obtained legally (bought it) for a large profit.
I bought 5 airheads for 25 cents each and hussed them to some guys around my apartment for a dollar each.
by DoTa May 31, 2006
how an old person around the boston area says horse
lets go to the huss show and watch the husses do stunts
by ant-tony December 26, 2009
A favor, break, etc.
Used by Marines during the Viet Nam war.

The words "do", "did", "does", etc. are never used with the word "huss". Only "Cut" is acceptable.
"C'mon Sarge, cut me a huss."

"The L.T. cut me a major huss when he let me get some R&R."
by Al March 17, 2005
A term used to intimidate a competitor. Particularly effective in fights, wrestling (wrasslin') and the like.
Jim Bob looke him dead in the eyes and said in a very menacing tone, "Huss!"
by Tuchdown November 06, 2002
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