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PC Gamer says "Apparently, there's a word in the MMO community called 'catass' to describe someone whose online addiction has caused their domestic and personal hygiene to degenerate to such a degree that their entire house begins to smell like an enormous cat-litter box."
That guy just got City of Heroes and has now gone catass.
by Ramsey September 18, 2004
What you become when you're railing (see railed) a hot chick.
I fuckin' went Ramzilla on that chick last night
by Ramsey April 19, 2004
City of Heros. An online multiplayer game in which you are a super hero. You can pick from many different super powers and can chose a sweet unique costume. The takes place in Paragon City and you can help stop old ladies from getting their purse stolen or the 5th Column (Neo Nazis) from taking over the entire city.
Ramsey just got CoH and now he's gone catass!
by Ramsey September 18, 2004
Massively Multiplayer Online Game. A game in which people usually pay a monthly fee to game in an online universe.
My character pwns all the n00bs in City of Heros.

Ultima Online is dead.
by Ramsey September 18, 2004
The fuckin Founda of G UNIT
We betta thank dem Badawi for Fiddy's CD
by Ramsey April 24, 2004
Replacing letters with numbers to create nerd slang; mostly used by internet savvy (elite) people.

a = 4
i = 1
e = 3
k = |<
s = 5
r = |2
o = 0

0n1y n3|2d5 1337 $p34|< u f|_|c|<1ng f4gg07
by Ramsey April 18, 2004

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