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The very beginning of the school day at high school. Before first period. The best time to finish quick homework assignments that are due that day. Or to just half-ass any kind of homework you may have. This is for people who would rather spend their sunday afternoon, or any other day, doing something besides homework. Also, you may be able to copy someone else's homework for your class if you're lucky.
T-rov: Hey man, did you finish your calc homework?
Ralph: No, I'm gonna do it all during homeroom. I'll probably see if I can copy Redding's.
by RalphusAdolphus January 07, 2006
An instance in movies or TV shows when two people face off for an argument and the shot zooms in on one's face and then the other's. It continually switches back and forth. A shorter series of shots can be used for drama. While a strangely long series of shots is usually used for comedy. Sometimes the shots slowly become closer to the target's eyes as they switch between the two subjects.
Person 1: Where are you going?
Person 2: Home.
Person 1: You're not going anywhere!
*Close-up face-off*
by RalphusAdolphus January 10, 2006

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