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The Most Beautiful Girl You Could Ever Meet. She's Shy At First, But Once You Get To Know Her She Will Surprise You. She Gets Angry Easily, But That One Special Person Can Make Her Entire Day. She Makes You Happy When You See Her And When You Talk To Her. She Is The Best Person To Talk To When You're UnHappy, She Brightens Your Day. Some May Call Her "Rainbow" or "RainDrop". You Wouldn't Want To Risk Losing A Girl Like Her. You Can Come To Rainah For Almost Anything, She Gives Great Advice.She Holds The Funniest And Best Conversations Ever.
Boy 1: I Need A Rainah
Boy 2: What's A Rainah ?
Boy 1: The Best Girl You Could Possibly Meet, Of Course.
by RainDrop December 15, 2014
how someone pronouce 'kitchen' when totally wasteeeeed!
Atfter a drop of strawberry winecooler, Hieu called out "More from the kuchen!"
by Raindrop November 11, 2006

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