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8 definitions by Rainbow_Cheese

In a contest of people, the arrangement that everyone wins, i.e., a game of musical chairs where there are four more chairs than there are players.
When Employee A and Employee B vied for the Senior position, the management decided to pull a Disney Ending so they were both promoted!
by Rainbow_Cheese October 15, 2010
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Reading a short casual fun book (usually a paperback or trade paperback) while attempting to read a much longer more complex book.
I was trying to get through Les Miserables by Victor Hugo but for my birthday, my husband gave me the first three books of the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay. I was forced to have a book affair because I wanted to read the Dexter books so badly!
by Rainbow_Cheese August 21, 2011
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The convergence of celebrating your birthday, a holiday and your wedding anniversary on one day.

Holiday (Flag Day) + Birthday (birth) + Anniversary (aversary) =

It is customizable by adding "-birthaversary" to the holiday name. Such as, Christmasbirthaversary or Thanksgivingbirthaversary.
My Flagabirthaversary is June 14th. I celebrate Flag Day, my birthday and my wedding anniversary that day.

Your husband better remember that, you made it very easy for him!
by Rainbow_Cheese June 08, 2014
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The Thursday the occurs before your Friday pay day. This can work on any day that is before your pay day, if you do not get paid on the traditional Friday.
I have nothing for lunch and I cannot order anything as it is Poor Day Thursday. Catch me tomorrow, I get paid then we will get some Jimmy John's.
by Rainbow_Cheese July 19, 2012
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Fan fiction is when a story is written about a celebrity, band, TV show or movie, using the characters that are already well-known or previously created. This is usually without the creator's permission but is protected under the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment.

Fanficporn is then taking these characters and introducing them to porn-related plots and situations. If it is a need to flesh out a background, or an interaction that was handled away from the viewer, fanficporn can serve a purpose other than of an erotic nature. Or it can.
Celebrity porn is a whole section of fanficporn dealing with such well-known series as: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars and comic book entities. You will be amazed on how they rationale the characters to have sex.
by Rainbow_Cheese March 05, 2012
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This word is a prefix when added to another word, it means you received it for free.
Fr'alcohol meaning someone is paying for your drink when you did not ask for it.

Example: When my friend bought me a margarita, I thanked him for the fr'alcohol.

Fr'education meaning the Government will pay for all of your college expenses and you or your family do not have to contribute.

Example: When I saw that through the FAFSA Program all of my college expenses were taken care of, I was happy to have received a fr'education.
by Rainbow_Cheese July 25, 2011
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A Bad Boyfriend Job is when your job treats you horribly, pays you horribly or even is just unhealthy for you but you keep it because it pays and you have not found another job to take its place.

You might even reason with yourself to say you are staying in this job for one reason or another but in reality, you are stuck until you find other employ or quit the job, usually citing sanity reasons.
Rick was humiliated every Saturday at his job because of his weight but it was a Bad Boyfriend Job and he needed the money. Knowing this, it made things better for a little while.

After explaining my job to my therapist, she said to leave as soon as possible. It was a Bad Boyfriend job that had gone toxic.
by Rainbow_Cheese April 06, 2012
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