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high maintenance woman. One that thinks she is all grown up but in reality is just a little girl.
The disney princess went to get her hair done instead of shopping with her friends.
by Rainman March 09, 2005
A phrase which expresses gratitude.
Thank you for wiping my ass.
by RainMan September 05, 2003
To make a face after drinking beer, often made by people who are unaccustomed to alcohol.
Kyle made a bitter beer face after taking a sip of Natty Light
by rainman March 09, 2006
A group of people that have the right to do anything they want and the right to do anyone they want to do. Must consist of 4 or more people and must all live in the riverside area. Must have a CRV for transperation form place to place.
Mickey, Handjob, J dizzel, And RainMan
by RainMan April 01, 2003
a nickname for a close friend or "homie"
Slang: as in "What up blicka?"
by Rainman January 25, 2005
Any form of sex, usually a blowjob.
what would I would do for a klondike bar...
by Rainman February 14, 2005
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