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a large of flower with long, mustard colourd petals with strong hallucinogenic properties. it also is popular to be worn in the hair while "having a cotch with bare spliff"
"lets go and pick some fairbrothers"
by Rahael May 16, 2007
a type of green leafy plant with dark red berries used to dye clothes. other uses include using the juice of the berries as a strong hallucinogenic with out-of-this-world results, sometimes, if used too frequently, resulting in severe painful spasms.

pronounced "narchin".
"we need to go and pick some narcin"
by Rahael May 16, 2007
a mystical kind of pathway, typically used for the delivering of newly printed childrens story books to the shops in the early victorian times by horse and carrige.
"where are you?"
"on the ridpath on the way to Susan's book shop"
by Rahael May 16, 2007
a small stream, usally with copious amounts of small yellow flower petals floating on it (hence "gold"water).
this term may also be used when at sunset, the last of the sun's rays are reflected on the water, making it seem like liquid gold.
"theres a goldwater running through this wood"
"the goldwater looks so beautiful tonight"
by Rahael May 16, 2007
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