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A term meaning a person, usually male, of younger age and small size, who is extremely ticklish.
The tickle toy is the victim most often chosen by people
with a tickle fetish to hold or tie down for tickle torture.
The tickle toy may enjoy his position, simply put up
with it, or actively try to resist it. But since his friends know
the secret of his severe ticklishness he will be sought out over and over by tickle fiends who gang up on him, tie him down, and force him into peals of hysterical laughter for hours. Sometimes a burned-out tickle toy will actually have to move away from an area to get relief
from constant tickle torture by well-meaning friends.
There goes Tiger- our tickle toy. Saturday we tie him down again and tickle him til he wets himself & passes out!
by RagingZits March 01, 2011
Colloquial slang term used, (especially by plumbers &
pipe fitters), for any slimy, gooey substance, whether
identifiable or not.
What's this junk on the sheet, Fred? Man, don't touch it- it looks like Ackenpucky!
by RagingZits March 01, 2011
Colloquial term for a hired or appointed Government or Corporate Criminal Thug who abuses his/her authority in order to bully & terrorize citizens whom they arrogantly regard as being "beneath them".

Term used by Sheriff Sid Hatfield toward coal-company
thugs sanctioned by Gov't to harass & abuse coal miners

out of joining the union during the Mingo County, WV coal field wars back in the 1920s. Seen in the movie:
You Shit-Hogs so much as lift a finger in this town and
I'll put you under! Sid Hatfield
by RagingZits March 01, 2011

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