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Talentless, corporate music that is created by major record companies and marketed to scared, suburban teens in an effort to ween them off of boy bands and into another demographic.
Dooode! Linkin Park is the shit, bro! That's some fierce nuMetal!
by RagingLeonard March 12, 2003
I true metal head.

Usually clad in denim and leather with long hair and sunglasses. Often stoned and usually beningn, they found in their natural habitats; auto shops, parking lots, and record stores.

Honest and true to the rock. Tough and dedicated to heavy metal, especially NWOBHM and early thrash.
Dude, that bomb dude has a sweet Camaro.
by RagingLeonard December 12, 2004
Mule is a defunct rock and roll band hailing from lovely southeastern Michigan. With the exception of the Stooges and the MC5, they are the greatest band to come from that region.

Often compared to poseur, Jon Spencer, Mule is actually a ferociously honest blues-rock trio steeped in whiskey and beer.

Comprised of members of Wig and the Laughing Hyenas, they tore early 90s rock a new asshole with such songs as; Hayride, A Hundred Years, and Mississippi Breaks.

Mule recorded two full-length albums; Mule and If I Don't Six and one EP; Wrung, before breaking up to persue other directions.
No not Gov't Mule you stupid fucking hippie...just Mule!
by RagingLeonard December 12, 2004
male ejaculate
"Well Jeeem said I should clean the jilm off of my pants."
by RagingLeonard March 12, 2003
The Michigan version of "my bad".
A mistake.
"Oh that was your beer I just spilled? My bag."
by RagingLeonard March 12, 2003
One of those nuMetal kids who are to retarded to know how to "throw the goat". Often found listening to Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park, and post-black album Metallica.
Anyone stupid kid at Ozzfest.
by RagingLeonard March 12, 2003
Also known as the "devil horns", "Satan horns", or "heavy metal hand".
Index and pinky finger fully extended, thumb accross middle fingernail.
That punk ass poseur doesn't even know how to throw the goat.
by RagingLeonard March 12, 2003

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