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The illusion of dedication to a cause through no-commitment awareness groups. Specifically in reference to Facebook groups centered around political issues.
Dave: Man, this genocide in Darfur is terrible. I sure wish I could make a difference.

Jenna: Well, I made a facebook group about it. We have almost one million members!

Dave: That's great! Are you all going to donate money to refugees or something?

Jenna: No, but now those murderers will really know how sad we are!

Dave: Sounds like you're really into your Facebook activism!
by Rag Man May 07, 2009
Situation in which a heterosexual person pretends to be a homosexual person for laughs; a modern equivalent of Blackface.
While less acceptable in modern society, past decades have seen much comedic success in Gayface ventures like "Three's Company" and "Three to Tango."
by Rag Man July 11, 2009
A sexual activity wherein the performer ejaculates onto his own back, usually by flipping over whilst the ejaculate is still in midair.
Greg got bored of masturbating, so he started spicing it up with acrobatics like the Lobato.
by Rag Man November 30, 2010
Similar to jet lag, dorm lag describes the gap between current sleep schedule and a conventional sleep schedule, often made apparent when visiting home from college.
Brad had such bad dorm lag that he was going to bed when his parents were waking up.
by Rag Man December 18, 2010
When both the top and bottom of a bunk bed are occupied by sexual activity.
Due to a scheduling error, Chris and Brennan had girlfriends over on the same night. Instead of seeking privacy, they both just decided to party bunk it.
by Rag Man April 01, 2011
Euphemism for defecation.
I'll pay you $50 to drop a Greg on my chest.
by Rag Man April 11, 2011
Similar to a bucket list, a tassle list is a list of everything you want to do before you turn your tassle over and graduate.
There's only a month of school left and I still haven't knocked (local rite of passage) off my tassle list!
by Rag Man April 21, 2011

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