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Greenpeace or PETA activist. Almost always a rich vegetarian pothead. Long on implausible ideas, short on solutions that work for people that aren't rich, vegetarians, potheads, or all of the above.
"Is that leather armor? Get back here you cow murdering Viking!"

"Fuck off, econazi."
by Rafn May 03, 2005
The crap to end all crap. The destruction of the porcelain gods, or a series of events beyond a crapapalooza.
My dog died, I'm being sued by midgets, I'm out of beer, this cut is turning green and smells funny, someone stole my goat, I had a flat tire, there was an earthquake, a terrible flood, locusts, and my girlfriend just eloped with my ex-wife's mother. It's Crapnarok.
by Rafn April 25, 2005
A place neither backwoods nor backwater, but a loathsome combination of the two. Often found in Florida. Often filled with conniving people who practice the art of deceit and backstabbery for the sheer pleasure of it. A place where it's impossible to find a job without knowing someone, and where all new people are taken advantage of by oxygen theives.
Most of Polk County, Florida is a backswamp. The rest of it is just dull.
by Rafn May 07, 2005
A nation where the art of toiletcraft has yet to evolve beyond crapping in a can.
My friend's brother was just deployed to Crapinacanistan.
by Rafn April 25, 2005
Past-tense word that indicates that either a blinging or a blighting was done. Since the two are often impossible to distinguish from one another, it is the perfect word.

How to derive this from common English:

Man, this car has been blought.
by Rafn April 25, 2005
Living beyond cheaply. Hoarding money to obscene extents. The art of being a penny-pinching coupon-clipping treasure-hoarding frugality nazi.
"I just quit my shitty job, so I'm scrooging it until I find something that sucks less."
by Rafn May 03, 2005
An event or series of events so crap-laden that it transcends craptacular, craptastic, but falls short of crapnarok.
My bosses wouldn't let me off for medical appointments so I quit my job. My appointments found gallbladder disease. Now I'm going to have a hard time paying for the fucking surgery. This week's been a real crapapalooza.
by Rafn April 25, 2005
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