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7 definitions by Raffa

spanish words meaning not to be played around with ; '' yea right '' ; dont fuck around ; no hodas.
no jodas hijo de puta.
no jodas yo no amo esa mujer
no jodas.
by Raffa August 19, 2003
''retarded'' in spanish
He's retardado.
That dude so retardado he smoked oregano.
by Raffa August 20, 2003
really really really fucked up off of smoking weed, cannibus, marijuana. really fucked up that u cant get any higher; so fucked up that ur hallucinating; fucked up to the point of actually ''trippin'';so gone and blazed and marijuaniado that u dont even know what to say or think. see also marijuaniado .
After those 8 blunts, im in that world.
Smoking that chronic got me in that world.
You: You blazed?
Someone else: Im in that world.
by Raffa August 20, 2003
related to marijuana; marijuana smoking; really fucked up off of smoking marijuana; fucked up smoking marijuana to the point that u cant get any more ''marijuaniado''; spanish form of really fucked up off of marijuana
Ese blunt me puso marijuaniado.
Estoy muy marijuaniado.
Im really marijuaniado.
by Raffa August 20, 2003
see no jodas
no hodas.
no hodas feo.
no hodas yo no amo esa mujer.
by Raffa August 19, 2003
short form of ''hoodrat''; a hoodrat is a slut or bitch who fucks anyone around your ''hood'' ... short for neighborhood. hoodrat... HR. see also hoodrat
That HR sucked my dick good.
Who?... HR? shes the greatest!
by Raffa August 21, 2003
Jehovah's Witnesses are normal people who follow the teachings of Jehovah and The Watchtower. It's not the religion people find hard to understand, it's just annoying that they believe everyone should become Witnesses like them.
JW: Would you like to join us for prayer this evening at the Kingdom Hall?

Guy: How about noooo!
by raffa April 22, 2005