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A girl who stuffs her bra with tissues faker then her. She does this to get guys she will never have.
Guy 1- Woah look at Beccas boobs
Guy 2- NO! They're fake. She's a bra stuffer.
Guy 2- (reaches in Becca's shirt and get tissue) here you go!!
Guy 1-Way to get me hard for nothing Becca!
Guy 3- Thanks but no thanks ,becca's black nipple touched this so no way. I'd rather lick the snot out of a dinosaurs butthole then use that tissue.
Guy 2- True dat brah. Lets go to pantry and get some condoms so we can fuck girl's with huge titties.
Guy 1- YAAAAY!
Becca- I'm gonna go sit in my bed and cry.
by Rafat October 12, 2011
A person who is bad at hooking up
Emily is a noob,
by rafat October 04, 2011
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