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1. Like a penis, only hollow, made out of paper and full of angry bees, wasps or hornets, and not naturally attached to a human body.

2. A regular penis ravaged by bees.
"So Mary went to the bathroom with the guy, only to run out screaming moments later. Turns out he had a beenis!"
by Raem September 28, 2006
Something or someone that is of high value.

For instance if someone is worth their weight in gold to you, then in a literal sense (assuming that person is 150 lbs.) their value would be 2,847,000 USD. (Because gold is worth about 1,300 USD per Troy ounce)
The new financial controller I hired cut down our expenses by 26%. He is definitely worth his weight in gold.

What?! 15 bucks for a drink? What, is beer here worth its weight in gold?!
by RAEM November 11, 2013
1. verb The process of invading someone's ass with angry ghosts.

2. noun Rectal poltergeists
* Elucidate eyes Viceroy.
* Viceroy assphantoms Elucidate
<DigitalCommunist> o_o
<Elucidate> I won't even ask what that means.
<HellGremlin> God, how dense can you be. It's the process of invading your ass with angry ghosts.
<Viceroy> Good call
<HellGremlin> Duhhhhhhh.
<HellGremlin> Nothing like a case of the rectumgeists to set someone straight.
by Raem September 28, 2006
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