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OLD,OLD soca song that we still play at caribbean parties
Forget de small change! I wan big dollar wine!

dolla dolla dolla dolla dolla dolla....
by Rae Nicole January 22, 2009

it means: ghetto and bootleg. Made by Rae Nicole from Houston tx
dem shoes is too damn bopnotchie
by Rae Nicole May 28, 2008
acronym (or text language) for No Damn Sense

usually followed by SMH or " ... "
NDS! They just exposed themselves on facebook, knowing that it'll show up on the news feed... SMH
by Rae Nicole February 13, 2010
someone who dun-dun dem all
dey call her dun-dun...dun-dun em all!!!
by Rae Nicole May 28, 2008
a main word in me (rae) and my best friend adriana's "retard" language

Dri:"Dahhhhh dar dar darrrrr"
Rae:"dar dar dadada dar"

yea we're crazy (random) like that
by Rae Nicole July 10, 2008
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