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5 definitions by Rae Nicole

OLD,OLD soca song that we still play at caribbean parties
Forget de small change! I wan big dollar wine!

dolla dolla dolla dolla dolla dolla....
by Rae Nicole January 22, 2009
10 0
acronym (or text language) for No Damn Sense

usually followed by SMH or " ... "
NDS! They just exposed themselves on facebook, knowing that it'll show up on the news feed... SMH
by Rae Nicole February 13, 2010
11 5

it means: ghetto and bootleg. Made by Rae Nicole from Houston tx
dem shoes is too damn bopnotchie
by Rae Nicole May 28, 2008
7 1
someone who dun-dun dem all
dey call her dun-dun...dun-dun em all!!!
by Rae Nicole May 28, 2008
14 15
a main word in me (rae) and my best friend adriana's "retard" language

Dri:"Dahhhhh dar dar darrrrr"
Rae:"dar dar dadada dar"

yea we're crazy (random) like that
by Rae Nicole July 10, 2008
8 12