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1. adj. a state of being, during which one is without fecies

2. adj. used as an expression "scared shitless," referring to being frightened so badly as to cause the spasming of one's sphincter muscles, causing the bowels to release and resulting in the defacation of one's pants.

Antonym: 'Full of shit"
I took so many laxatives last night that I'm currently shitless

During that entire movie I was scared shitless!
#shitless #shit #fecies #scared #fearful #surprise
by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
n. flatulance in such a cold environment that one might expect it to solidify like an icicle.

Alternatively used as an expression of disappointment or to describe one's behavior. Synonymous with crapsack, poopsack, fartsack.
It's so cold out here I'm producing fartsicles!

You're such a fartsicle!
#poopsack #crapsack #fartsack #fart #icicle #cold #flatulance
by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
1. n. Inflammation of the vagina. Also called colpitis.

2. n. not literally referring to a medical ailment, but rather an attitudinal condition in which one is acting like a vagina: usually refers to men taking on female characteristics such as weakness or symptoms resembling those of female P.M.S.
1. I need to go to the gynecologist to see if I have vaginitis

2. a.

Bruce: Ow! I scraped me knee! Ow ow ow!

Steve: Wow, Bruce... how's the vaginitis treating you?

b. Bruce: Will you MOVE?! I feel bloated!!!

Steve: SOMEONE has a severe case of vaginitis...

#vagina #premenstrual symptom #pussy #weak. disease #virus
by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
n. synonymous with "poopsack" which literally translates as the fabric suspended underneath the backside of a horse or donkey leading a carriage, preventing excrement from desecrating the public streets.

Alternatively used as an expression of disbelief, disappointment (usually in the plural form), or as an adjective to describe one's behavior.

Word and use originated in Issaquah, WA in 1999.
n. : that horse is wearing a crapsack

As an expression:

Holy crapsacks! That's the coolest thing ever!

What?! The concert is cancelled?! Crapsacks!!!

My teacher was being a total crapsack today!
#poopsack #crap #shit #jerk #mean #rude #awesome #strange #unbelievable
by Rachel Woodhouse November 29, 2006
1. Sleeping bag

2. A sack full of farts, much like the bag of winds given to Odysseus by Aeolus in Homer's "The Odyssey". Often used as a device to propel ships.

3. See "crapsack"
1. Did you bring your fartsack?

2. I've been stuck on this boat in the middle of the ocean for days! I could really use a fartsack right now!

3. The waiter was being a total fartsack.
#crapsack #poopsack #fart #fartsicle #bag of wind #sleeping bag
by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
1. proper noun: Television show on Nickelodeon in the early 90's.

2. proper noun: The village where Peter Penis resides, among phallicular building structures

3. n. an insult referring to one's resemblance of Peter Penis' village
1. Did you watch "Weinerville" last night?

2. After Peter Penis left Chicago, he went back to Weinerville where he grew up.

3. What do you mean I can't have candy? Ugh, you're such a weinerville!
#weiner #wiener #penis #phallus #phallicular #village #insult
by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
adj. Of or resembling a penis
Paris Hilton's nose is really phallicular!
#phallus #penis #penile #vulgar #ugly #cylindrical
by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
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