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Kids only go to school, to see friends, and hang out. and to chill after school and smoke some pot. or take some e. no real hardcore drugs. maybe some coke. kids think they are bad ass. but really they're not. nothing to do here, but skate, go to the library, smoke and hang out on the trail or at the skatepark. oh and you can walk around all day. you will make and lose friends here. lots of fake people, but not as much as sammamish not an ideal place to live
Dude, let's go to issaquah and meet everyone at the trail and smoke some pot.
by blahblahblah65 February 02, 2009
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A terrible place filled with snobby rich kids whose parents work at places like Microsoft and who think they're better than everyone else. It's pretty, sure, but it's really not worth dealing with the people who live there. Plus everything is really overpriced. I lived there for five years and only a handful of people were worth being friends with. The rest were assholes.
Bob: Hi! I'm new to Issaquah, what's this place like?
Issaquah resident: (stares blankly ahead and slowly raises both hands into the air, flipping the newcomer off)
by Ex-Issaquah Resident October 18, 2013
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A place real all the real mother fuckaz go to school. We all peace out at lunch and hit up some tight place for some good food (like bucks) then pimp it back to school for a few mins...then there's a bomb threat and we get to go home early. Love this shitty town!
"Yo issaquah is great...oh wait....its actually lame. Except for costco...except for costco...
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 25, 2005
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Issaquah is a suburb 15 miles east of Seattle on Interstate 90. The City government sucks, internal politics actually force all beneficial projects from progressing.
by Former D.R.E. September 07, 2003
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