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243 definitions by Rachel

1.n. A Christian who shares their religious beliefs with another in hopes of converting them.
2.n. A Christian who chooses to follow the Bible in its entirety, instead of picking and choosing which parts most conviently fit their current lifestyle. They live their life to fit the Bible, instead of twisting their interpretation of the Bible so they can still sin and not feel as guilty. They are often ridiculed for living as the Bible allows and trying to convert others.
That preacher was called a Bible thumper for handing out tracts to people in the community.
by Rachel July 20, 2004
88 173
1) The state where boredom should be the capital.
2) Where the moose are more aggressive than the opposite sex.
3) Where it is nice out 4 days out of the year.
Maine, the way life SHOULDNT be!
by RacHeL December 21, 2003
36 124
someone who things they're nang , heavy, basically someone who is like a leader and everyone is scared of them
that nathan thinks he's tops innit?
by Rachel January 18, 2005
18 108
n. an unattractive person, male or female, esp. one who is used for sex or money.

If you listen to the Nelly's lyrics, the term is used by both female and male.
Male: I said it must be ya ass cause it ain’t ya face/I need a tip drill, I need a tip drill…

Female:It must be ya money, cause it ain’t ya face/You a tip drill, nigga you a tip drill.
by rachel December 11, 2005
60 155
Cronic joint or dubee
Andre Nickatina loves smokin splifs
by Rachel April 21, 2004
30 130
The best sorority EVER!!!! Strong values, hot girls, the best!!!
I'm a KD and all of my sisters are amazing!!
by Rachel January 18, 2004
701 814
a wierd ass nigga
yo u a fuckin hot nucca
by rachel March 24, 2004
26 151