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A guy may use it as a insulting term to say that a girl is flat chested its like saying she measures twenty at the chest twenty at the stomach and twenty at the hips.
haha your twenty twenty twenty!
by Rachael November 14, 2003
michael fosterelli. hot. plays bass. hot. is in the band Drive Drunkies. hot.
look at that fosterelli guy in those tight pants!
by rachael February 17, 2005
a word describing a very large or round and plump ass
"holy shit gurl, youve got a big ass!"
"oh shut up trevor!"
"kunghettopow bitch"
by Rachael March 19, 2004
when something isn't going your way and you need a word to express sarcasm.
-How was your day?
-Oh just craptacular.
by rachael March 27, 2004
Wootnessified comes from Woot. Woot is a word meaning 'yay'. Amanda wouldn't let anyone use woot but her so the word had to be modified to wootness, and then Ozified to Wootnessified.
WOOTNESSIFIED, the orioles won!
by Rachael August 09, 2004
The work of an english student who was reading very fast out loud and could not tell whether the word was "dramatic" or "drastic" so he made up a word.
Meaning: Being dramatically drastic... what else???
Someone makes a big show of doing something spontaneous and unpredictable...
by Rachael June 13, 2004
While eating out a girl you take a toke of your joint then blow the smoke into her snatch.
Alex: "Yeah guys I totally smoke snatched that girl. She was lovin' it!"
#smoke #oral #sex #smokesnatch #toke
by Rachael December 12, 2005
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